Lindsay Theisen Tweets, and It's the Hilarious Hopelessness You've Been Hoping For

While Twitter continues to be abused by certain celebrities and politicians, there are an ever-growing number of bright spots in the Twitterverse, especially on the comedic front. Lindsay Theisen is one of these, providing a regular flow of tweets that are part joke, part personal insight, and part derisive (but pithy) world observations. Reading through her tweets paints the portrait of a jaded stand up comic who doubles as a Pilates instructor when she’s not too busy making questionable dating choices, or struggling with drinking too much while quitting smoking. Laced with a sarcastic edge, Theisen takes us through the depraved yet articulate thoughts that tumble through her seemingly misanthropic mind.

Many of Theisen’s jokes center around the New York experience, such as this one which summarizes her view of the type of people that move to L.A. vs. N.Y.

After which, I found myself eyeing myself cynically in the mirror:

Theisen’s drinking habits also come up frequently which, along with her references to anxiety and depression, make her relatable and morbidly hilarious, especially to those of us who can laugh bitterly at ourselves. In this tweet, she manages to incorporate both an eating disorder and drinking problem, for extra points:

And in another she brings together her binge drinking with national tragedy, which is truly no mean feat, and seems to succinctly capture a mocking self-awareness as well as commentary on the subject of gun violence:

Then there’s Theisen’s dating life, which of course is also featured heavily among her tweets. After all, who doesn’t love hearing all the terrible and embarrassing dating horror stories that are inevitable when dating in New York City? Here she provides an apt summation of the dating experience as we age and grow more apathetic to the world:

In a time when any random maniac can voice their opinion on Twitter, there are those who consistently put forth clever, funny, and thought-provoking quips into the world. Lindsey Theisen may tweet like a madwoman, but her tweets prove she's at least one of the good ones.

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