Gracie Canaan and Her Cannon of Jokes

There is just not enough great things to be said about Gracie Canaan. But to start, she is ruthless, engaging, witty, energetic, incisive, and most importantly: hilarious. Seeing her act is like indulging in a guilty pleasure; you laugh because you know you shouldn’t. Maybe it’s because her material is a little edgy, but that doesn’t matter because she is almost always the butt of her own jokes, which is highly entertaining.

Canaan uses deception to make the audience laugh LOUD. She seems pretty cool and unassuming as she walks onstage and then BAM, you just heard a vagina joke. Very quickly you’ll find out that under that sweet, innocent facade is an arsenal of sharp wit. Throughout her performance, you’re clinging to your seat because at any moment she may whip out a single word that could throw you so much that you fall off your chair laughing.

With Canaan, no topic is off-limits. She’s happy to talk about her love-life, lady parts, and financial status (which can often come into conjunction with one another). The way she intertwines genuine optimism with, let’s just call it, “vivid” imagery, is flawless and hysterical. What makes Canaan so engaging is that her pure honesty never disappoints. The level of truth can get awkward, but still retain high levels of humor. With this, she creates tension in the room and she maneuvers through it perfectly, pulling a good chuckle out of the audience. She knows she’s in your face, she knows she’s making you uncomfortable, and that’s exactly how she likes it (and that’s how the crowd seemingly likes it too while she's owning the stage).

I highly recommend that you get yourself out to see Gracie Canaan over the next few weeks! Trust us, this is one funny gal.

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