Nore Davis is Set to Release You Guys Are Dope and it is Seriously Dope

A few weeks ago, Stellar alum and comedian extraordinaire, Nore Davis, released a trailer for his upcoming special, You Guys Are Dope. From the snippets in the trailer and the buzz making its rounds on the internet, it was safe to assume Davis’ performance would be hilarious and distinctive. Stellar Underground got an exclusive sneak peek at the full special and can confirm this to be true: You Guys Are Dope is stomach-pain inducing funny, memorable, distinct, relatable, and so completely and totally dope!

Unlike other network-released specials,You Guys Are Dope is cut into sections, separated by highlights of intimate moments and relatable conversations among his closest friends. Banter between Khalil Davis, Sydnee Washington, Sean Scott, Omar Turner, Marie Faustin, and Petey Deabreu separate the special into thematically related subsections and reveal Davis’ comedic influences. The viewer is able to directly see how his personal interactions, conversations, and the occasional commiserating, give way to Davis’ material and comedic form.

The special makes it clear: Nore Davis is an exceptional comedian. Across all of his material, he continues to define his style and differentiate himself from other performers. This special reiterates his approach and showcases his ability to bring jokes full circle as well as his nuanced knowledge of timing. He proves he knows the exact moment to break character, when to laugh at his own jokes, when to keep a straight face, and when to yell or whisper. Highly expressive, Davis uses intonation shifts, eye contact, sound effects, dynamic movements, and a blend of perfectly timed fast-and-slow-paced delivery to amplify the overall effect of his jokes.

Of course, YGAD also highlights Davis’ impressive ability to continuously create new and hilarious content. Throughout everything listed on his extensive resume, he consistently maintains his charisma and approachability – this special is no different. Therein, he reveals details about his personality by discussing relatable and not-so-well-known-facts about himself as he touches on topics such as his personal habits, his long-established love of sneakers, and relationships with his girlfriend, family, and daughter. He incorporates observational humor, often transforming inanimate objects into lifelike bodies with a backstory, voice, and thoughts. He also makes light of more serious issues like the generational need for WiFi, socio-political problems, stereotypes, #BlackLivesMatter, and gentrification.

In addition to the uniqueness of Nore Davis himself, YGAD distinguishes itself from other specials by presenting positive, underlying messages. It seems that while Davis seeks to showcase his talent, he also seeks to deliver wisdom that suggests, we all need friends and sometimes laughing at pain can heal it. He effectively highlights the ways in which friends and family possess the ability to teach, influence, and support one another, not only for himself, but for everyone watching.

Whether you know his work to a T or know only excerpts, You Guys Are Dope will undoubtedly renew your appreciation for Nore Davis as both a comedian and a fellow human being. If you’ve somehow managed to have never heard of or seen his work, this special is the perfect place to start. And you're in luck, because it premieres NEXT WEEK on May 8th, and will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PS4, and Xbox.

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