Rich Happel: A True Storyteller

Watching Rich Happel perform feels like talking to the cool older brother you always wanted to hang out with. He can be rough at times, but is funny enough to make it worth the wedgies. At first, one might think Happel is a bit too cocky to be funny, or at least seemingly. However, you’re immediately forced to rethink the situation once you hear his self-deprecating humor and raw common sense. As a regular in the New York comedy circuit, he has already proven his worth in iconic clubs like Carolines and Gotham Comedy Club showcasing his unfiltered brilliance, and it’s refreshing to see the level of honesty he incorporates overall.

On stage, Happel seamlessly transitions between highly personal anecdotes and entertaining hypothetical scenarios- completely sparing any cringe worthy silence. That's right, no awkward segues to be seen here folks! He's fast and to the point, keeping the laughs rolling non-stop to the point where you may begin to wonder... Is there a laugh track playing or is he just that good? With a strong presence, Happel commands the crowd, seldom venturing far from center-stage which adds to the intrigue of his storytelling. He pulls the audience in with a calm, stoic demeanor, then quickly turns it around with a burst of frustrated energy. This bait-and-switch style lures his audience into a false sense of security, but then smacks them in the face with hilariously straightforward logic. Comparable to someone reading you a bedtime story where all the harsh realities of life are left in yet, somehow, you're still happily entertained.

With his undeniable wit and wisdom, it’s clear that he is the kind of guy we should all be paying attention to. Keep a lookout for Rich Happel on stages throughout New York City. I’ll be there, will you?!

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