Stellar Interview: Sydnee Washington Talks About Life After Death of a Bottle Girl and What's Ne

Sydnee Washington has been all over the place lately, especially after her stellar performance of Death of a Bottle Girl at The Duplex last month. From her regular shows to her purposefully vague social media life updates, we know something is brewing in the life of Ms. Washington. We checked in to see what she’s up to and when we can expect her next one-woman-show performance.

So... Life after Death of a Bottle Girl - What's it been like?

It’s great! P­eople keep asking when am I doing it again. I’m currently working on the edits to prepare for my next showing that’s happening June 29th at Caveat.

Tell us how you felt gearing up for your first performance of the show. What was your preparation process like?

The very first show was a year ago. I was very excited to finally tell my story, put together a show based around the experiences I had for ten years. That show was 100% storytelling and less complicated than the second one. The second time around, it was important for me to incorporate acting and characters to expand the show. Yes people can watch me tell stories for 60 minutes but I challenged myself to do more than that.

Was there a specific moment you felt "ready" to take on the challenge?

I never "feel" ready. Forever and always feeling like things aren’t prepared enough because I’m low key-high key a procrastinator, but last year I did a show that let me headline for 30 minutes. Once I realized I could hold a room for half an hour and people still wanted more, that was the moment I knew 60 minutes was going to be a piece of cake.

Were you nervous? What was on your mind the day of the show?

I’m a Nervous Nelly, mainly because I drink a ton of Red Bull! I probably do standup every single day and right before I’m on stage my legs get a little weak. Listen, I’m performing my story, what I’ve been through, and for people to judge it or to find it funny - that is super nerve wracking! Yet, I love it and it feels amazing even if a few people are like "this isn’t for me, I can’t relate to her." The day of the show, I nagged my girlfriend, Adrienne, all day and was running through the show at the venue. Adrienne is sort of like… no, actually, she IS, my whole support system. She does the tech stuff and gives great notes. I just annoy the hell out of her 7 hours before the show but she just gets it.

Overall, how do you feel Death of a Bottle Girl was received?

People really enjoyed it! It was completely different than my first show because I incorporated an "interview style" section to the show. Being a bottle girl is a specific type of waitress and I really wanted to show people this alter ego we have while serving people. Everyone loved "Eulah Jean (the character who was hired to give the eulogy at the "funeral"). A lot of audience members said I could do a whole show just on her.

What's your advice to comics who want to produce their own one-person show?

Write, write, write! Find out what’s your angle, what are you trying to "show" the audience. A solo show doesn’t have to be funny the entire time but the audience should feel like they are with you at all times. It’s ok to have to have some sad or low moments. People should walk away feeling like they know you a little bit better, connected. At least that’s my goal for the show: For people to learn how dark.

We know you have your regularly scheduled podcast with Marie Faustin, The Unofficial Expert, are you working on any other regularly scheduled projects?

Our monthly show Hot Box Comedy is the last Wednesday of every month 8pm at Et Al. Also we are really focusing on our podcast to become more visual, something like live shows and making it ready for TV. It’s such a fun and hilarious concept for interviewing comedians & everyday people.

You've been posting about the major network offices you're visiting on social media from time to time - can you fill us in on any secret upcoming projects? Any big projects you want to let people know about?

I’m doing a lot of pitching, general meetings, and stuntin’ on the gram. I’m doing a whole lot of something and nothing at the same damn time. I’m going to be on the second season of a show, telling a story from Death of a Bottle Girl, so super excited for that! Taping that in a few weeks, so hopefully y’all will see it later this year.

We'll sure be checking for it and advise you to as well. In the meantime, follow Sydnee Washington on Instagram to keep up with her career and also, for pure entertainment: @Justsydbw

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