The Hey Gals! April Show Delved Into the Dark PIT of Comedy

If you saw our last review of this delightful stand-up show at the PIT, you may remember it is part of a monthly duo put on by Will Abeles, with Hey Gals! showcasing a roster of all female comics. This month’s rendition of Hey Gals! was a high-energy estrogen-fueled romp through the hilarious highs and lows of New York City life, filled with sarcasm, dark humor, and some jokes that really put the gross in engrossing. Your basic Saturday night, only funnier.

The show was hosted by Julia Shiplett, an adorable oddball attired in a turtleneck sweater and glasses, which is a look that contrasted perfectly with some of the dark and dirty jokes she released onto the audience. With an energy that was calm and collected, Shiplett’s jokes had a sardonic edge that prepared the crowd for the wit and cynicism to follow. Weaving her style in between each set, Julia Shiplett created a great cohesion throughout the show.

First up was Stellar Underground writer and soon-to-be podcast host, Stef Dag. With a bright smile and quick pace, she used a direct, unapologetic approach as she delved into under-discussed topics, some detailing her personal misadventures and others touching on unfortunate places to be broken up with. Bold and fresh, Stef Dag left the audience amped from her own radiant energy.

Next to the stage was Gracie Canaan, with an opener regarding Star Wars related anxiety that elicited the full range of laughter from the crowd, from snickers to full guffaws. Her poise and sharply witted personal observations were as insightful as they were funny, and she had a couple bait-and-switch style punchlines that were especially gratifying.

Finally, we were introduced to this month’s headliner, Hannah Boone, who proved to be an endearing mess of contradictions. Reveling in her own self-deprecation, she eagerly shared embarrassing anecdotes and family history that would normally be uncomfortable, if not given such a wry and cheerful delivery. Somehow, Boone straddles the line between daring and demure, light-hearted but dark, and silly with a dash of realism that had the audience alternately in hysterics, groan-laughing, or at times seemingly unsure if they should laugh or not. Somehow making bullying, STDs, and mental illness laugh-out-loud funny, Hannah Boone takes the twisted and gives it a punchline.

Exploring the sometimes indecorous but always entertaining lives of New York City’s funniest ladies, Hey Gals! is something to mark down on your monthly calendar.

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