Here's Why You Don't Want to Miss the Next Party Time with Sasheer Zamata, Hint: It's a

Every month, there is a comedy party (and accompanying awesomely designed poster) that you don’t want to miss – Party Time with Sasheer Zamata. Each month Zamata brings together popular comics and music groups to host a mostly-comedy-but-part-variety-show event that never fails to disappoint. Last month, Zamata brought together Emma Willmann, Marina Franklin, Mike Kaplan, Jaqueline Novak, and the musical stylings of DJ Zephyr Ann and The Painted Ladies. On this particular evening, Zamata, Willmann, and Kaplan hosted a mini awards show where audience members revealed a little too much in exchange for free stuff.

Sasheer Zamata hosted with her usual aura of confident and casual, and radiated happiness that allowed her dark jokes to go over with laughs instead of gasps. She managed to transform her relatively abrupt joke transitions into a suspenseful performance that left the audience wanting more each time she approached the mic.

First comedian, Emma Willmann, revealed obvious and not-so-obvious facts from her life with a distinctive voice that highlighted her uniqueness but also made her relatable. Willmann seemed to know how long to wait for the audience's response, when to egg on the crowd, and presented a perfect blend of casual dialogue and on stage monologue.

Marina Franklin took the stage next, and used astute observational humor to reveal details about her life and her honest personality. Her calm and confident demeanor, sultry voice, and straight-faced delivery addressed both relatable and racy topics, touching on everything ranging from her New York MTA struggles to her love life, and (hilariously) adjusting her preferences for the melanin-lacking men as a means to offset a bad economy. The audience laughed in unison as Franklin eloquently showcased her mastery of taking seemingly every day experiences and exposing the uproarious aspects about them that one may normally overlook, forcing the audience into a rollicking combination of cackling and self-reflection.

Third comedian, Mike Kaplan, presented a new style of comedy that was equal parts awkward, confusing, and completely amazing. Kaplan spoke quickly and shared the inner workings of his rapid-fire mind and featured a mixture of rhetorical questions, engaging and endearing awkward statements, and relatable truths that left the crowd yearning for more.

Jacqueline Novak closed the stand-up portion of the show with a subdued energy and intellectual humor. She interestingly united her performance with a French fry theme and incorporated existential references, personality analysis, and the greater good as they relate to the tasty treats. Novak provided the audience not only with laughs, but with important questions on the meaning of life as well.

Part two of Party Time included an awards show where myself and five other eager audience members received awards just for being ourselves. Zamata, Willmann, and Kaplan commented on the greatness of the improvised and truly random assortment of facts they heard, and awarded each person with a copy of the (probably) award-winning graphically designed poster for the show.

Actual Award Winning dance troupe, The Painted Ladies, closed the show with a hilarious musical number to the tune of The Time of My Life. The hilarious performance left the audience laughing and satiated after a full night’s worth of what is truly a one-of-a-kind monthly comedy show.

Be sure to check out Sasheer Zamata’s social media platforms for the date and location of the next installment of Party Time, you do not want to miss it!

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