Discover the Not-so-secret STASH Comedy Show by Stephon Bishop and Ashley King

This monthly showcase of some absolutely brilliant comedic talent may take its name from the two hosts, Stephon Bishop and Ashley King, but it also happens to be where some truly great stand up comedians are currently being stashed for your perusal every last Wednesday of each month. STASH can be found tucked away in the intimate basement of a Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn, BK9, with the energy and talent of a show several times its size. The March show celebrating the two year anniversary was no exception.

In honor of Women’s History Month (yeah, that’s right, March was Women’s History Month, how did YOU celebrate?), STASH featured an impressive lineup of some of the most proficient and captivating women comics that New York has to offer.

Opening with Stellar Underground’s very own, Nash Rose, the audience was reeled in right off the bat by her poise, dulcet tones, and anecdotal jokes that are as hysterical as they are relatable. Whether recounting the perils of marijuana-based paranoia, or the angst of running into an ex, Nash Rose warmed up the crowd with well-timed punchlines that easily garnered laughs throughout her set.

Kenice Mobley was next up, with a sarcastic style that wasn’t pulling any punches. Mobley’s jokes covered the gamut from which historical black figure she most resembles to the misadventures of dating, with a delivery that feels almost lecturing, but you know, in a funny way.

Chloe Hilliard brought a commanding presence to the stage, and not only because she’s 6’1. This Brooklyn native has the confidence of a comedy veteran, and a radiant smile that draws you in to each joke before you know what hit you. She started her set with hilarious roasting and ended with belts of laughter from the audience.

Sonia Denis had a more frenetic approach, with a set that was a ball of energy bouncing from joke to joke. If you can keep up, her jokes range from her experiences with a too-hip psychiatrist, to the possible ulterior motives of a stranger who wanted a picture of her hair, each delivered with a chuckle so distinct it should be trademarked.

Janelle James was a heavy hitter at STASH, bringing her smooth, cool energy and well deserved confidence to the stage. Her presence was both captivating and commanding, garnering big laughs whether joking about the current political climate or the state of her "aging titties". With an illustrious career under her belt, it was a pleasure to take in James’s set.

The show wrapped up with comedic powerhouse, Sam Jay, who is also currently a writer for SNL. Jay brought an entirely new energy to the stage, pulling up a seat on the provided stool, and getting into a kind of “let’s get real” disposition. Her jokes covered a lot of material, including some problems she’s run into while living in New York, and why white people might just be aliens.

In between the hilarious sets of the featured acts, Bishop and King did a wonderful job keeping the momentum going as well as keeping the crowd amped and ready for the next act. They used their own impromptu jokes and micro bits from rehearsed sets to help create a lively and eager crowd, thus never giving way to a dull moment. It was by all means, the way emceeing should be done.

All things considered, this latest rendition of the STASH comedy show was a high energy, eclectic celebration of women, people of color, comedy, and the New York City experience. It had something for everyone, and is definitely a show to keep on your calendar every last Wednesday of the month, going forward.

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