May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis' Crazy; In Bed Is Everything You Need Right Now

Back in December I wrote about my excitement for May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis’ new podcast, Crazy; In Bed. Four months and seventeen episodes later, Crazy; In Bed has lived up to its hype. The show is a candid conversation on all things mental illness, sprinkled in with the hilarious and relatable commentary of the two hosts, whose charm and openness give you the sense that you’re catching up with old friends.

The latest episode, “Late Bloomers,” features Ariel Dumas, a Second City alum and Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer. True to the episode’s title, the conversation veered mostly towards the benefits and drawbacks of getting your career started later in life, and, as always, how mental illness has played a role in all of the women’s professional paths. Each woman admitted that despite several years of healing, things like depression, alcoholism, anxiety and anorexia often act as shadows that you actively try to ignore. Don’t worry—it’s not all sad :)

This podcast holds some of the most universally relatable discussions about sex, careers, comedy, and being a woman. This episode also touched on dealing with “imposter syndrome” (feeling like you’re a fraud in whatever you do), the shit storm that is your first year out of college, and engineering a “reverse Secret” on yourself, AKA using the power of thinking to negatively impact your life.

Interestingly, despite the bleak topics at hand, Crazy; In Bed left me feeling hopeful; Alyssa, May and Ariel were inspiring, and crazy funny despite the adversity they’ve faced. In theme, the podcast episodes always end with the girls encouraging people who might be feeling down, unlucky, or stuck, to push past the things that are holding them back the most. Crazy; In Bed is for anyone who needs to laugh, cry, or just hear that other people are going through it too. I know I needed it!

Listen to Crazy; In Bed here.

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