Meet Aminah Imani, The Southern Belle

Mom, super woman, and comedian extraordinaire, Aminah Imani is a busy, busy woman. Raised in Atlanta, she brings her hilarity and southern accent to her podcast, Wine Before Nine, and her hosting gig, Uptown Thursdays, in Harlem. She’s been featured in comedy festivals and competitions, on culturally compelling media networks, on a major network produced web series, and on stages that range from Howard University to comedy clubs around New York City. If you haven’t seen her on a lineup or heard her comedy just yet, chances are you will soon.

Imani approaches her stand-up comedy in a very matter-of-fact way. She nonchalantly shares unfiltered and cheeky details from her life and peppers her performance with delightful colloquialisms and boldly delivered punch lines. She comes off as approachable and unique by sharing her experiences and revealing elements of her personality. Often using expressive hand gestures and leaning in at just the right time, Imani uses her strong and witty voice to make light of common life woes.

Imani uses a blend of self-deprecating humor and observational humor to relate to her audiences. She incorporates a mixture of fast paced wit and slowly articulated sarcasm to touch on topics ranging from her childhood, motherhood, her social life, and the regular barrage of New Yorker gripes. She smoothly transitions from one topic to the next and manages to unite her act with accessible themes that allow everyone to laugh at a shared pain. She speaks with conviction and manages to make it seem like she’s got it all figured out - while also making it clear that no one, including herself, actually even knows what that means.

Although she’s already accomplished a lot in the past few years, it’s clear that Aminah Imani will continue her upward mobility into comedic greatness. Be sure to see her in action at her weekly show or on lineups alongside your favorite comedians.

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