Sydnee Washington and Gianmarco Soresi Get Physical in New Web Series: Defend Yourself

Put em up people ‘cause Sydnee Washington and Gianmarco Soresi have gloved up for the new web series Defend Yourself. Touted as “An all new show with hard hitting questions and hard hits!” this series gives people the chance to get interviewed while working out in the boxing ring.

Gianmarco Soresi, the comedian best known for taking on Judaism in the most hilarious ways and making funny internet sketches, makes rounds in the first episode. Soresi jokes that growing up, he was always taught to “yell but not fight,” a mantra not suited for his new life in New York. He also talks about his weirdest audition, favorite movie quote, and his biggest joke fail.

In the second episode, we see another Stellar favorite- comedian, Sydnee Washington, be as effortlessly cool, badass and funny as always. She warns us that her main workout takes place on the couch, but she’d be down to take up Janelle Monae in the ring any day. Fearless. In this episode, she describes her experience getting fired from Riff Raffs, doing crowd work on a blind man, and her favorite burger joint.

This series gives insight into the lives of NYC’s comedians in a setting unlike any before. Teaching a new skill, intercut with the talent divulging personal anecdotes, gives each episode a “teacher becomes the student” feel where the interviewee is both the driver of the vehicle and the backseat learner. Major props to the show creator, Edward Pokropski (comedian and interviewer in each episode), for coming up with a web series that stands out for its unique interviewing approach amongst such a concentrated format. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more Stellar alum features!

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