The Ever-Busy, Nore Davis, Set to Release Trailer for New Comedy Special

Some time ago, Nore Davis announced that Amazon picked up his new special titled You Guys Are Dope. The special will be released on May 8, 2018, but we got a sneak peak of the unreleased trailer and the inside scoop on the full show. Based on the trailer and his extensive resume, we already know it’s going to be hilarious, but there are a few elements that seem to make You Guys Are Dope stand out from other specials.

The trailer highlights lively conversations between his close friends as well as excerpts from his special, while also expressing his distinctive comedic style – all in just over a minute. It manages to condense the feel of the performance as something more than just an on stage comedy, and showcases the actual influences in Davis’ life.

“Well, for me, it only took six close,

funny friends to help build my hour set –

and they did a damn great job.”

We reached out to Nore Davis himself to get his take on what inspired him, how this special differs from more traditional ones, and what his audiences can expect.

Davis revealed that audiences should expect a stand-up comedy special with a different kind of structure, unlike anything they’ve experienced before. He also revealed that he “didn’t want to show a stand-up comedian dominating the stage, but also the process [sic] behind it.”

Davis discussed the influence of his family and friends while producing the special, noting that “the moments between friends and family are just as important,” and that they inspire his comedic voice consciously and subconsciously. He stated that he felt compelled to shed light on the people who helped shape his comedic voice and stand-up material. Nore Davis parallels the age-old idiom, it takes a village to raise a child with his process, and admitted “ only took six close, funny friends to help build my hour set – and they did a damn great job.”

The highly anticipated special, You Guys Are Dope premieres on May 8, 2018, and will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PS4, and Xbox. Stay tuned for the trailer and watch out for our full review of his performance!

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