The India Adventures of Usama Siddiquee

Everyone's favorite Bengali-American comedian is currently traveling around India, so let's take a moment to speculate wildly about the transformative experiences he is surely undergoing at this very moment. Usama Siddiquee, who you may recall from our recent review, is touring Mumbai and Delhi in what we can only assume is a deeply spiritual quest for total enlightenment (at least based on ideas drawn from my overly Westernized imagination).

By enthusiastically and not at all creepily scouring his social media, I have ascertained that he has not only found the beautiful and somewhat romantic bond between a man and his anti-diarrhea medicine, but is also soaking in the local comedy scene of the country. That's right, Siddiquee is not only divining the secrets of India's ancient culture (based again on my prepossessed notions of what is definitely happening on this trip), he is also busy working there, both by performing and by watching the stand up in Mumbai and Delhi.

I was able to procure a few words from our newly international sensation, and was told that the comedy scene there is “rife with talent,” and to “picture NYC but every [sic] comic talks in Hindi.” His description of the comics going out every night, open mics, shows, and Mumbai audiences who also understand his jokes in English, paints an exciting picture of what he has been absorbing so far as a comedian.

According to Siddiquee, comedy in Mumbai is teaching him “what jokes really play internationally and what jokes are a little less universal.” Armed with his new experiences and knowledge, it will be interesting to see how his performances will be enhanced in the future (as if we needed another reason to be following this dashing Texan from Bangladesh). Siddiquee seems to have gained some insight into the use of language in comedy, and mused that “sometimes it's just a one word reference that can be the difference between failure and success.” This strikes me as an almost poetic reference to life in general, to which I say, definitely some enlightenment achieved. To keep up with more of his adventures and hilarious takes on his experiences while in India, be sure to follow him on Instagram: @usamabinlaughin, his stories alone are pure entertainment.

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