The Name is Willmann. Emma Willmann, Not Ellen.

Emma Willmann is constantly being compared to another notable lesbian comedian who she may resemble, but she is very much her own brand, thank you very much. In fact, Willmann is one of New York's fastest rising comic talents, and when you watch her perform it is easy to see why. While she may be from a small town in Maine, Willmann has spent the last two years taking the New York comedy scene by storm. From her debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, to her countless stand up shows at the NY Comedy Cellar and other notable clubs, a sold out show in the New York Comedy Festival, being featured on the cover of Time Out New York as one of the 10 Funniest Women in New York, she has clearly been very busy. There has also been several television appearances, radio guest hosting, and a variety of other features and accolades that could fill it's own article, so I recommend checking out her website or imdb for the full list.

At a recent Comedy Cellar appearance, I was able to witness Willmann's fine-tuned abilities firsthand. Her stage presence puts you immediately at ease, as you feel yourself in the hands of a practiced professional. You get the sense that she's honed her craft, and you are not wrong. Whether she's riffing on her life as a gay comic, her small-town upbringing, or her struggles with dyslexia, Willmann has the easy going delivery of a comedian who knows exactly how each punchline will land, and the audience is happy to settle in and enjoy the ride. If you are fond of some good crowd work, you'll also appreciate her deftly managed interaction with the audience, as she works it seamlessly into her set. Overall, her material is more relatable than edgy, though she may work in some weird or personal topics that make it very much her own.

Emma Willmann is very clearly on a fast track not only here in New York, but on the national comedy scene as well. She is slated to appear in one of Netflix's brand new 15-minute stand up specials, among her other regular shows and projects. In fact it's almost hard to keep up with Willmann's burgeoning career, but it certainly seems worth it to try.

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