Where In The World Is Marie Faustin aka Carmen San Diego aka Ms. Worldwide?

Lately it seems that Stellar Alum and seriously funny lady Marie Faustin has been everywhere. While on hiatus from New York and living her best life in LA for a while, she still managed to deliver her regular content, in addition to new types of content (including launching her official website) that suggest that she’s about to blow up and act like she don’t know nobody (#NewPhoneWhoDis?)

We already know Faustin produces her podcast The Unofficial Expert with bad-ass co-producer Sydnee Washington, but lately she’s been up to some new things:

Faustin recently made Twitter her bi*ch -as if her already hilarious account wasn’t enough, on February 19th she took over infamous comedian Tig Notaro’s Twitter account for a day. Tweeting about her “broke and blessed life in LA,” Faustin shared hilarious relatable content with quips like “’we should grab a drink sometime’ is code for ‘I’m done talking to you and will probably never see you again in this life OR the next,’” and revealed the true breakdown of what grocery shopping really entails.

Faustin also recently became a television celebrity –this year, BET hosted the first annual Social Awards, highlighting the best and worst of social media over the past year. The Awards produced various video clips that featured black comedians, musicians, and actors commenting on the influence of social media on politics, trends, and the who’s-who of various categories. The short videos featured Faustin among other well-known influencers speaking on both funny and serious topics. It seems that now, Faustin is conquering television on top of everything else.

Since then, it appears that she’s made her triumphant return to New York City, performing her regular shows. While it may look like business as usual, we’re warning you to be on the lookout for her new place in the spotlight. If you SOMEHOW haven’t managed to see her perform on a comedy stage near you – what is wrong with you?

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