The Internet's Best Reactions to Black Panther

The world is abuzz with praise for Marvel's newest (and many are arguing best) addition to their Avengers franchise, Black Panther- which ranked as the number one movie in the world for two weeks in a row!

And while reviews from critics everywhere are flooding the internet, the meme machine is also hard at work pumping out some creative and at times downright philosophical commentary on the subject.

Spoilers without Context. If you haven't actually made it to see Black Panther yet (and really, it's worth it even at midtown Manhattan prices, just go already), you probably don't want to hear too many references. In the spirit of online etiquette, meme creators have embraced Spoilers without Context, in which they post images or GIFS which by themselves are totally unrelated to the movie, but are also sly references to certain Black Panther scenes:

Wakanda doesn't Exist! Wakanda is sadly not a real place, although if your high school geography classes were anything like mine, you may have been none the wiser. There were plenty of smug people who enjoyed pointing out this fact, and the Twitter response from @Caleb_Eli pretty much sums it up for me:

Theater Festivities. Black Panther has been highly celebrated as the first superhero movie to adequately represent black culture, and there have been some festive theater viewings to honor the occasion. @Xoxo_tiff_ captures such a moment perfect with the following Twitter post:

T'Challa's Distracted Boyfriend. If you've spent the requisite hours online, you'll recognize the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, and Twitter's @ruffalosfluff has created an on-point reference to the Black Panther plot:

Disney Princess Shuri. Hopefully you've heard of Shuri, i.e. the younger sister to Black Panther, a tech-savvy Wakandan warrior with some of the best lines of the film. She has, well-deservedly, captured the hearts of many viewers, and spawned some great online responses such as @leiascaptain's post:

Although the majority of people who went to see the movie thoroughly enjoyed it, somehow a few haters in the bunch had to make themselves known. To which, comedian and Daily Show host, Trevor Noah provided the perfect response:

As Black Panther continues to rise in the box office and claw its way into our hearts, we can all look forward to continuing responses from the meme artists of the world, and if we're lucky they'll continue to make us pause and think a moment as well as make us laugh. #WakandaForever

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