Neko White Gets Featured On Kevin Hart's LOL Network

Big congratulations to Stellar Alum, Neko White! His standup was recently featured on Kevin Hart's, very popular, Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Network from a set he did over the summer during the iconic festival in Montreal. LOL is a relatively new specially-curated global platform for the current generation of comedians as well as original comedic content- producing dope new comedy on a daily basis. So, it makes sense why comedic powerhouse Neko White made his way onto this platform.

True to brand, White bodied the stage with clever and witty, topical material drenched in his own perspective. From playfully dissing Canadians right to their faces to jokes about Caitlin Jenner as a symbol of beauty... and even a quirky bit about being a criminal while wearing a Snuggie, the laughter is nonstop from the audience. White continues to prove his skill as a standup comedian and as a force to be reckoned with in this industry. I, for sure, hope this platform exposes him to a broader audience... because the world needs much more of Neko White!

Check him out HERE. (His set begins at 7:45)

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