Nore Davis Records His Third Comedy Album 'Too Woke' and We Advise You Not to Sleep On It

On Friday February 16th, Nore Davis held two sold out shows at Union Hall for the recording of his upcoming album titled Too Woke! He’s got some other deals in the works prior to the album’s official debut sometime early next year, but based on the material he presented, it promises to be a definite hit.

The show opened with material from Aminah Imani. Her delivery was similar to that of Nore’s as she ran through topics all New Yorkers can relate to. Moving from one edgy topic to the next, she warmed up the audience, preparing them for stomach-hurting laughter, and introduced the man of the evening.

As Davis’ album title suggests, the overarching theme of his show poked fun at people’s tendencies to overthink situations and to just be “a little too woke.” He used his jokes to continually reiterate his thoughts on the meaning of life: live your life, only worry about the people you love, and be happy. He reviewed important topics and highlighted the things that matter most to him, including his daughter, his friends, life longevity, and not hating his enemies.

Across his performance, Davis showcased his distinctive comedic style. Alternating between calm, casual approaches and passionate, quick-paced proclamations; he kept the audience on their toes and bursting with laughter the entire time. The work he put into carefully selecting each joke definitely shined through as he flawlessly transitioned from one subject to the next and incorporated articulate and outrageous fictitious conversations with his friends and inanimate objects.

Based on his extensive resume, on stage presence, and his performance at the show, it’s clear that his hard work will pay off and his third album will be a huge success - I just hope they don’t have too hard of a time editing out my psychotic laugh that continued long after everyone else stopped.

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