Abby Rosenquist is the Sweetest Mean Girl

At first glance, Abby Rosenquist appears to be your average, mild mannered girl next door type. As she takes the stage dressed in casual attire, with a sweet smile and cherubic face, you might expect her to lay out some clean, light-hearted jokes. You'll quickly find that this is not the case however, as Abby lets loose an array of clever yet dark quips that leave you laughing as you ask, “...was that a joke about miscarriage?” This visual misdirection matches Rosenquist's comedic style, with cleverly twisted punchlines that have the audience laughing at each unexpected turn. The art of misdirection is a classic comedy technique, and Rosenquist seems to have a tight grip on it while adding her own impertinent flair. The combination of her look and often surprising punchlines adds to an overall charm that allows the audience to laugh at subject matters that might otherwise be considered malicious.

With a dry wit and generally deadpan delivery, Rosenquist's energy is relaxed while her jokes themselves are fast paced. Each joke is well-crafted and delivered in such quick succession that at times I found myself still laughing from one joke as she began a new one. And though her material may touch on the edgier side of such topics as sex, therapy, or religion, she uses skillful word play and toying with her audience's expectations to garner laughs rather than relying on simple shock value.

Rosenquist's way with words had the pleasant effect of leaving me wanting more, and looking forward to more of her work. She is a regular at The Stand and appears to have a lot of upcoming shows in the works, and you can get some more of her hilarious life insights by checking her out on Twitter.

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