Coach Von Podcast is Your One Stop Shop for Sports and Pop Culture

Comedian Von Decarlo’s podcast, Coach Von Podcast, is easy listening about all things sports and pop culture. I listened to her episode about the Super Bowl, and actually found it to be really pleasant despite having no interest in sports myself. I think what sets Decarlo apart from other comedians' podcasts is that she’s in no way trying to make everything funny. She’s personable, naturally quick, and clearly passionate about the topics she brings up—her humor shines through on its own.

In this episode, Decarlo deep dives into all things Super Bowl, including the racial implications of The Eagles versus The Patriots, P!nk’s performance (did we mention Von Decarlo can hit a note!?), and refutes the claim that Tom Brady is the best athlete in the US (shoutout Michael Jordan!) She also gives us her take on Justin Timberlake’s performance, which she calls a major side-eye.

Her podcast is refreshing. I appreciate her conversational tone and obvious knowledge of sports and the culture around them. On her website, she prides herself in not marginalizing her male listeners, so she can have a wider reach. I’d say she definitely has been successful in being an accessible and relatable voice to all kinds of listeners, even those who aren’t as into sports as she is.

I also want to give Von Decarlo major props for recording this episode at 2:00am, after watching the Super Bowl and performing a spot. This woman is commitment at its finest, and Coach Von Podcast is an awesome resource for people who want to learn and laugh at the same time.

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