Two Drink Max Takes the Gold at COTL's Very First Red Mic Battle

Well folks, the results are in, and the winner of the Red Mic Battle is... Everyone! Really, including all of us in the audience lucky enough to catch the first in what I can only hope is a long line of similarly delightful performances. Produced by the talented team at Comedians on the loose, the Red Mic Battle is a contest of comedic prowess that is as entertaining as it is creative. Comprised of three rounds, the battle allows each of the two teams to show off their skills individually and together, with the audience voting after the completion of each round. This format is not only a fun and refreshing take on talent competitions and roasts, but truly showcases the comedic range of each participant.

Hosted by the exuberant Sonja Savanovic, with scoring assistance from her cohort Eddie Gamez, the very first Red Mic Battle began this past Friday with an introduction of our contenders: Gianmarco Soresi and Sally Ann Hall for team Two Drink Max, and Matt Maran and Mia Faith Hammond for team Cocks and Crocks. Next, a brief explanation of the rounds and rules, and also the introduction of, special guest, Madame (Krista) Komondor, who brandished a whip as well as the applause meter to be used for audience voting.

Round One was the stand up portion, girl vs. girl and boy vs. boy. Each of the four comedians put out some great material, and besides some genuinely funny jokes, it was captivating to compare the different strengths and styles displayed here. Having the audience vote via the digital applause meter got everyone especially engaged, and the feeling of participation made the viewers feel like an integral part of the experience.

Round Two was crowd work, in which the teams worked together as a duo to interact with the audience while hopefully getting some clever jokes in. Improvisational skills and on-your-feet thinking were invaluable to any comedian's repertoire, and this round really put these teams to the test. While their cooperation and stage presence was notable, Cocks and Crocks shied away from full one-on-ones with the crowd, putting Two Drink Max slightly ahead moving into the final round.

Round Three was when the real competitive spirit came out, as each team took turns roasting the other with some pretty low blows. From appearances to religion, sex or lack thereof, and general personal attacks, it was a brutal round that was hilarious to watch.

With an incredibly close score, the winning team was Two Drink Max, taking home the $100 prize and the chance to compete in the next Red Mic Battle. Cocks and Crocks may have lost this battle, but they did win 4 open mics each with Comedians on the loose, as well as this opportunity to both demonstrate and develop their comedic chops. Oh, and let's not forget each team won a special award from Madame Komondor and her whip. All in all, this first installment of the Red Mic Battle delivered some high quality entertainment while also creating an exciting new platform for new comics to gain experience as well as exposure. In fact, my only real complaint is that the next Red Mic Battle is not slated until April 6th, when Two Drink Max will take on team Crumble the Pastriarchy (seriously, this show is worth it just for the team names). Special thanks to Sonja and Eddie, a.k.a. Serb and Spice for hosting such a satisfying event, of which I am already looking forward to the next!

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