Alex Barnett “The Multiracial Family Man,” Challenging Racism One Argument with His Wife at a Time

Perhaps you are unaware, but Alex Barnett and his wife Camille are one of the world's most adorable interracial couples. (If you are unfamiliar with Alex Barnett, a.k.a. The Multiracial Family Man, please feel free to reference our earlier reviews of his current Multiracial Family Man podcast and stand up comedy.) This lawyer-turned-comedian has been educating the public for years on everything they didn't realize they should already know about multiracial couples, families, and being the parent of a biracial child. Now, he and his wife Camille have begun releasing videos wherein the two of them provide an entertaining window into their marriage through their banter on such controversial topics as, “Why does Alex always leave the dirty cutting board out for Camille to wash?” and “Are paper bills still relevant, or should we switch to digital?” (I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I can't help but say...I am so with you Camille, free yourselves from the tyranny of paper!)

While these videos aren't exactly specific to their differences in race, it seems as though that is kind of the point. Watching this middle-aged white Jewish man squabble with his beautiful black wife over these everyday familiar issues is not only entertaining, but highlights the fact that while they do face many stares and discrimination in their lives, at the end of the day their marriage is as endearingly fraught with the same problems as every relationship. Even as Alex and Camille argue, there is an intrinsic tenderness in the way that they interact that is enough to warm even the more cynical and bitter-hearted among us. Is this perhaps the cure for the bigotry and hatred that plague those who oppose interracial marriage and biracial children? Well, maybe not entirely, but surely it is just this type of silly and sweet video content that is changing perceptions and cultivating a more kind, unprejudiced future for children like Alex's son, Ivan.

Alex Barnett continues to be an advocate for multiracial families everywhere, through his podcast, blog, videos, stand up, and even a webcomic based on his son. You can find all of this and more at, which is a wealth of work that is as humorous as it is educational. So to Camille, may I just say, I'm totally on your side regarding that ratty old office chair! And to the world at large, get a glimpse into the lovely Multiracial Family of Alex Barnett.

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