This Week in Dope New Comedy: 'SUP is WHAT'S UP

The 'SUP Show is a delightfully hilarious and well-put together new live comedy show brought to you by the gals who host the ‘SUP Open Mic at The Creek & The Cave Tuesdays at 8pm. This show is unique in that it unapologetically showcases female, queer, and gender non-conforming voices only—AKA no cis white dudes—sorry not sorry (the hosts are definitely not sorry) I had the pleasure of attending their inaugural show on Thursday at Caveat, also a new event space in the Lower East Side which provides “intelligent programming” (as defined by one of Caveat’s event producers) every night of the week. This includes things like talks on climate change, moderated political discussions, and, of course, comedy in all its diverse forms.

In an interesting and engaging format, the ‘SUP Show revolves around its 5 hosts—Juliet Prather, Maddie Fischer, Fareeha Khan, Jesse Roth and Stephanie Pace—who each provide a few minutes of storytelling, observational humor, or hilarious dance, in between each set. I thought this was the perfect way to break the traditional format of comic followed by a few uncomfortable bits of filler from one host. The show was impressively headlined by Sydnee Washington and Sasheer Zamata, although I have to say the badass girl gang of hosts, and their openers, really stole the show. The show pulls talent from its weekly open mics, and the close-knit community of the crowd and performers doesn’t go unnoticed. They packed the house with friends and supporters (I was early and had to sit on the ground), and the energy was electric. From the get go you can tell the ‘SUP Show is a phenomenon, a wildly supportive, female-driven event that’s potential goes far and beyond its first show. Their next show is in March, so definitely keep a lookout. I have a feeling ‘SUP is only going to get bigger and better, and you don’t want to miss it while it still has its “underground’ charm.

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