Jula Branda Brings The Funny

Jula Branda is a hilariously unapologetic Italian comic with a knack for storytelling and self-deprecation. I had the pleasure of catching her set at last week’s Comedians on the Loose show at Gotham. Branda was the first comic and arguably the most memorable, delivering all of her jokes with an abrasive New Jersey accent that served as the extra punch to every line.

With self-proclaimed “tits like Tony Bennett,” (they’ve always been around!) Branda has an expertise in playing with people’s common perceptions of her, as well as her observations about herself. Her set touched upon the irony of getting off to porn, how growing up with a chef as a father is the perfect excuse not to diet, and her views on eating naked. She talks about her innermost insecurities with such confidence and presence, that it’s hard to believe she could have any.

What caught my attention most about Branda was how quickly she was able to captivate the crowd, a great asset as the show opener. Within minutes of starting her set, she had the crowd cracking up at even her smallest throwaway lines, bringing everyone into good spirits. It didn’t feel like she wasn’t so much delivering jokes as she was talking to old friends over dinner about her wittiest thoughts and grievances. Branda’s pacing was quick, so much so that it sometimes took the crowd a few seconds to appreciate the joke, which often had two parts to it, hilarious and niche situational humor topped off with one-liners, usually at the expense of her own self-pride.

Catch Jula Branda at mics and shows around the city!

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