Meet Nore Davis, The Renaissance Man of Comedy

Nore Davis is the Renaissance Man of comedy. He’s been featured in, performed on, and written for major networks and TV shows you probably already watch, he released two albums, he’s recording a third album, and he manages to consistently deliver brand new material across everything he does. While it’s possible to deduce comedic style through reviewing recorded performances, Davis’ understated hilarity can only, truly, be absorbed through seeing him live. Recently, I sat in the audience at a reoccurring New York variety show Showgasm at the Ars Nova theatre, where I just couldn’t stop thinking about his performance.

Davis approached the stage quiet, relaxed, and subdued. He spoke slowly, resembling something of a monologue practiced in the privacy of his own home. He largely stood in one spot and alternated between contemplative downward glances and confident upward smirks. Then that’s when it happened – I choked on my drink. In public.

Davis doesn’t need to be overly animated, he doesn’t need to speak loudly, he doesn’t even have to move - he slowly yet forcefully delivers outrageous punch lines that contrast his demeanor in such a way that leaves his audiences laughing beyond the acceptable window of time. Nonchalantly and confidently, he smirks on.

Davis takes ordinary, even borderline mundane situations, and transforms them into relatable and cackle-inducing stories. He incorporates his personal experiences and reconstructs them as larger issues, while remaining personable and casual. He creates energetic, layered scenes complete with bold dialogues and wild intonation shifts. From the battle New Yorkers know as the MTA commute, to relationships and breakups, Davis will make you ugly-laugh at your own pain. Between his flawless transitions and his interspersed dynamic movements, Davis showcases a unique style of stand-up comedy unlike anyone else.

Throughout the years, it’s clear that Davis has established a distinctive style. He touches on seemingly every genre and topic, and manages to create an ethereal charisma that is difficult to define. Davis’ performance will comfort you like a friend and leave you wanting more. Of his upcoming performances, he is recording his upcoming album, Too Woke!, at Union Hall on February 16th.

Writers note: I would like to apologize to my date for making him endure my uncontrollable, awkwardly timed and hideous laugh – cough – choke combination.

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