Escape Your Troubles With James Camacho

With all of the sexual misconduct, political angst, and false missile alerts plaguing the world, sometimes you just need to distract yourself with a few light-hearted laughs. In which case, might I suggest comedian James Camacho for the job. With a clean-cut look and boyish charm, Camacho excels at creating a comfortable rapport with his audience. His jokes are mainly personal in nature, often centering around his family and more specifically his mixed race heritage. Being half Chinese and half Puerto Rican, Camacho finds the lighter side of ethnic stereotypes and meeting society's expectations.

Like a comfort food of comedy, Camacho has a demeanor that is as familiar as it is funny. Even when relating the absurdities of his uncommon ethnic background, the overall feel of his humor is that of the relatable friend. His stage presence manages to be high energy without being overly physical or overbearing, and self-assured without sounding over-rehearsed. As such, the audience is drawn into the contented ease of settling into a soft couch at the end of a long day. It is this sense of comfort and camaraderie that makes Camacho's humor all the more effective, as it allows his audience to relax in his presence. In a way, his style is reminiscent of that old friend of yours who you can always count on for a funny story without isolating anyone in the group.

While there's certainly something to be said for comedy that pushes both the envelope and the comfort level of the viewer, there is always room for the more universal appeal that comedians such as James Camacho have mastered. And luckily for us, he performs frequently throughout New York at The Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club, LoL Times Square Comedy Club, and more. So if you're looking for the lighter side of laughter in these trying times, add James Camacho to your list... Because the world can be a scary place, but your entertainment doesn't have to be.

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