Warm Up Your Winter with the Upcoming Red Mic Battle Comedy Show

If you're a comedy fan (which obviously you are), then you already know that there are many ways to enjoy New York City's up-and-coming talent. An open mic stand-up set, for example, or perhaps some interactive improvisation, or even a roast that pits different comedians against each other. Better yet, you could combine all three into an innovative competition of comedy and wits called Red Mic Battle, which is exactly what has been created by the bright minds at Comedians on the loose.

Comedians on the loose was originally started by Sonja Savanovic and Eddie Gamez in the summer of 2016. They have since dedicated themselves to creating a platform for emerging comics in the city, and their newest show, Red Mic Battle, is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Red Mic Battle, slated to start this February, is an audience-judged comic battle that will showcase new writing, inspire comedians to work together to become better performers, and let's not forget, throw an entertaining show while they're at it.

Each Red Mic Battle will consist of two co-ed teams, (of two comics each) that will go head-to-head in three rounds which will be judged by the audience via a decibel meter. Some of you may be asking, why co-ed teams? or possibly, what exactly do you mean by co-ed teams? The structure of having each team consisting of one man and one woman is as intriguing as it is important to the creators of Red Mic Battle. According to founder, Savanovic, working with a writing partner of the opposite sex can “really sharpen sets and give a comic a different perspective, see the joke from a different angle as, very often, men and women think differently and can give each other insights on what might or might not work on the stage and for a particular audience.” The choice goes even beyond that to the recent sexual harassment allegations that have stirred the industry. In an effort to combat the obvious tension between male and female comics, the creators of Comedians on the loose have found a way of “gently forcing men and women to work together and not against each other.” Inspirational goals and thoughtful underlying message? Check. But, on to the show format...

Round one consists of individual stand-up sets, in which each comic is judged against a member of the opposing team. Round two focuses on crowd work, and allows each team to separately show their stuff in the improv arena. Round three is the roast portion, in which the comics can either roast their opposing team as an entity or individually. Finally, once all audience laughs have been converted to votes and then points, the winners of the Red Mic Battle will be chosen. Winners will be awarded gifts, monetary prizes, possible career advancement, and the respect of their peers. All participants will be awarded the knowledge that they have contributed to the abilities of their teammates, opponents, and the comedy community at large.

The first show is scheduled to take the stage on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. The teams up for the first battle will be Cocks & Crocks (Mia Faith Hammond and Matt Maron) vs. Two Drinx Max (Sally Ann Hall and Gianmarco Soresi). So mark your calendar for Groundhog Day, and find out if there will be six more weeks of hilarity with Red Mic Battle at Comedians on the loose!

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