Top 7 New Year Resolution Posts by Comedians on Social Media

Making a New Year Resolution is a tradition followed by the masses. Some people fully intend to keep their word and work on achieving their goals while others merely write down a list of, well... hopeful wishes. Of course comedians have a way of making everything a little more interesting and downright hilarious. Here's a list of the top 7 declarations as posted by some of our favorite comics in town.

7. Alex Barnett and his awesome parenting.

While this isn't necessarily a "resolution" per se, it's a hilarious depiction of how he spent his New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Perhaps it's also an active declaration of the sacrifices he's prepared to continue to make throughout the year.

6. Kerryn Feehan takes on a world mission.

We aren't sure what her gripe is with American cheese, but we'll sure be keeping up with her progress. Hmm... maybe it's code for Trump... after all, he's the same shade. We're on to you, Feehan.

5. Stephon Bishop becomes the anti-fuckboy.

He's simply not fucking with anyone. Sounds like a lonely year though.

4. Erica Spera gets inspirational.

I feel like a lot of women will finally tell their boyfriends NO tonight. You know... to that one thing we all hate...[insert unique activity here]

3. Mark Benjamin gets cocky.

But then... quickly gets a reality check...

2. Ian Lara isn't paying for dinners anymore...

Sorry, ladies.

Oh he's making an advance alright and it's not sexual. Consider it a financial advance to be paid back via Venmo upon completion of the meal. Find out how it works by watching the informational video on his IG page complete with instructions.

1. Marie Faustin made a vision board.

For her, 2018 is the Year of YES as she gleefully made declarations of being more open followed by a display of her well-crafted vision board. Her vision board had an array of photos that represented her goals in a visual form including having the confidence of Lena Dunham (who isn't wearing pants but "definitely should be"), her hopes of being cast in a movie, being extra like avocados, and most importantly... becoming a SMART ho. Don't just take our word for it, please, by all means, go to her IG and watch the video for yourself!

Even Michael Che was amused by her...

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