Let's Talk About How Kerryn Feehan Destroyed Lindsey Jennings

There's something deeply satisfying about watching two young women just go at it... in the form of a roast battle, that is. And, if you enjoy watching two adults absolutely eviscerate each other onstage with the most cutting jokes they can think of, then you may want to check out a recap of Kerryn Feehan taking down her opponent, Lindsey Jennings at The Stand's Roastmasters show from November 21st. This weekly roast battle pairs some truly talented, and sometimes brutal comedians in a head-to-head competition in which nothing is too far, as long as it's funny.

Kerryn Feehan, the comic, writer, and burlesque show producer, struts her feisty stuff against Suicide Girl Lindsey Jennings in this well-matched combat where insults serve as weapons. In true roast style, her jokes expertly tear apart Lindsey's tattoos and piercings, and she even gets in a successful miscarriage joke which is no easy feat.

I think what ultimately wins the battle for Kerryn is her confidence, as she delivers these quips with such a comfortable ease that any opponent would be thrown off their stride. Lindsey has some great material, but ultimately comes across as the less confident competitor and almost unsure of herself in comparison. Kerryn has a way of combining her petite, innocent-seeming demeanor and wicked jibes that adds an extra dimension to her scathing humor. You wonder how such cruel things could come from someone so adorable, while also being impressed by the shrewdness of each punchline. Lindsey has some strong jokes as well, but Kerryn's delivery lands the roasts home with a little more accuracy.

The Kerryn vs. Lindsey battle is close at times, and the judges struggle on the first round in awarding a winner, but by the end Kerryn is clearly victorious. This triumph pushes Kerryn further up the ranks of the Roastmasters lineup, which is good news as it means we can all look forward to another roast from this scrappy little lady very soon.

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