Gibran Saleem's Twitter is a Real Life Break from Real Life

Gibran Saleem’s Twitter is a mecca of relatable and socially satirical posts. Maybe his poignant observations are a result of his master’s degree in Psychology, and maybe his innocent tone, which rears more towards the clean side, has something to do with his genuine love and admiration for observational comedy, but what I do know for sure is that Saleem has a likability factor that echoes in his work and through his social media presence.

“How do people write this much on fb and still manage to be productive in their real life on twitter?” Gibran’s tweets are often witty one-liners, needing a little extra thought to get to the heart of the joke. In this tweet, he perfectly captures the essence of how our digital lives have become, in some ways, more valid and “real” than our real lives. Twitter is its own universe, and his meta commentary, using the medium to speak about the medium, is pretty clever.

Gibran also shouts out to ethnicity, his Pakistani background, in ways that play on the expectations people often have of people who look different than themselves. He writes, “My white Uber driver is playing Arab music to relate to me, meanwhile I’m in the back listening to This American Life.” Gibran’s ability to find irony in everyday life, in the trivial situations which are often overlooked if not analyzed closely, gives readers that special “aha” moment while reading his tweets. Through laughter, you’re realizing how daily experiences have their own jokes and punchlines weaved in within them. This too often goes unnoticed, that is, unless you have the comedic prowess of someone like Gibran.

Finally, Gibran never fails to mention his staple attribute, his bushy eyebrows (Gibran is the Cara Delevingne of comedy): “Currently at a L’Oreal commercial audition going in for the role of Eyebrow.” This one doesn’t need any explanation—it’s just a hilarious image.

Anyways, if you’re looking for some quick, smart-humored observations, check out Gibran’s Twitter—And if you’re looking for some #BrowInspo (and show dates), check out his website here!

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