Yedoye Travis Has a Comedy Album Dropping Soon... and It's More Than OK

Things you probably didn’t know about Yedoye Travis: he’s into anime, and he’s got a debut comedy album coming out in January (or maybe you did know that if you read our interview with him in October). We’ve written about his tweets before, and if you did your homework and found light in your life by following him on twitter, then you’d know, at the very least, that he’s been giving us sneak peeks of his album and what’s to come. Take our advice (again) and mark your calendars for January 12th, when Travis debuts OK on Comedy Dynamics.

A few weeks ago he released the track titles for OK and I have to admit – I needed to know more. After a lot of speculation, I reached out to him about his austere album title and how it contrasts with the vague, yet very funny, track list. He explained that he chose the title based on his love for the anime web series One Punch Man and a particular scene where “the main hero faces a super powerful enemy who goes into detail about how unbeatable he is and how he’ll destroy the world and [the hero's] response is just ‘OK.’” Travis says that scene is representative of his attitude toward the subject matters on the album.

His nonchalant attitude toward subjects and track titles like “Nickelodeon Money,” “The Feds Watchin,’” “Don’t Talk to Me or My Gun Ever Again,” and “I Can’t Compete With This Guy,” only make him more endearing and his upcoming album more mysterious. Although I got some insights, I still have a lot of questions that reference his track list:

1. “Thanks Dave:”

Who is Dave and what did he do for you?

2. “I Rubber Band a Couple $40 Target Gift Cards:”

Does this mean you… you can make it rain with Target Gift Cards?

3. "Comedy 101: Gain Their Trust by Asking About Drugs:”

Honestly, this works for me in everyday life.

4. "Actin’ Kinda Shady:”

Doesn’t everyone?

5. "Put Some Respeck on Cecilia’s Name:”

Who is Cecilia and why does she deserve my Respeck? Respeck is earned, not given.

The only thing I know for sure at this point is that I just set a reminder so I can buy OK right when it comes out – and you should too.

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