Erica Spera Serves a Tall Order of Funny

Yes, Erica Spera knows she's tall. She's heard all the jokes, and went ahead and wrote a few of her own on the subject.

Aside from the various trials and tribulations of growing from a tall girl into a statuesque lady comic, Spera's stand up covers an array of personal themes such as her large, tight-knit Italian family, the ongoing struggles of her dating life, and embracing a look that is ambiguously ethnic. She shares these lighthearted anecdotes with an ease that serves to create a camaraderie between herself and the audience, giving familiar ideas a fresh take with her mocking tone.

Spera may lament onstage about having a masculine feature or two, but her swarthy look and low speaking voice work together to create an overall engaging and effective style. She has a presence that is somehow both commanding and relaxed; her dry humor is delivered with confidence and a wry smirk that succeed in lending a smart and brassy element to her jokes. The combination of skillful wording and self-possession enable Spera to land her punchlines with an ease that is as satisfying as it is entertaining. With an assurance that is seemingly enhanced by her prominent physique, she manages to find that clever middle ground in her jokes which can be at her own expense or at the expense of someone else's- biting without being cruel, and with a practiced wit that works well with her somewhat sardonic approach.

When Erica Spera isn't performing stand up in the comedy clubs around NYC, she's busy working as the producer of comedy shows Bitches Brew and 607 Comedy, working on her podcast 20 Minutes of Fire, and keeping us updated on more of her hilarious thoughts and observations via social media. Whichever form her humor takes next, this Amazon of comedy will be sure to impress.

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