Derek Gaines is Good for the Soul

If you see the world through rose-colored spectacles, Derek Gaines will take those right off. He’s made his rounds on major networks, television shows, festivals, and competitions as a host, actor, and featured comedian, steadily flourishing since he began his comedy career several years ago. Thankfully for us comedy fans, Gaines regularly performs in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles- and, while all of the comedians we review on Stellar Underground possess their own uniqueness, Gaines stands out from the rest as one of the most brazen in recent memory.

On stage, he immediately grabs your attention. Assertive, forceful, and energetic, he jumps right in. His passion captivates the audience as he manages to speak to the crowd both individually and as a group. He predicts and acknowledges adverse reactions before they happen, making everyone feel comfortable laughing at his outrageous punch lines. His high energy and powerful (yet somehow also effortless) delivery will have you hanging on to his every word.

Perhaps most distinctive, however, is Gaines’ ability to laugh at his own pain. He unabashedly shares facts about himself that normally fly under the radar when you first meet someone new. From being so-damn-single to being cheap and “just not that guy” to “not father material,” Gaines will not only have you sympathize with him, but with yourself as well. He acknowledges the pressure to conform to traditional stereotypes based on his age, race, and career, and makes light of his inability to live up to the out-of-reach standards set by society. He presents himself not only as immensely talented, but also as incredibly relatable, propelling you to admire him that much more.

Across all of his stories and situational humor, Gaines paints a vivid picture. It seems as though he develops a screenplay in front of your eyes, complete with minute details including flawless character development of fictitious and inanimate objects and people. He consistently engineers a scene filled with interconnected subtleties that transform his jokes into explosive bursts of laughter.

His sets are nothing short of an extraordinary performance. From his personality to his artistry, he will have you yearning for his next show. If you’re searching for someone to make you laugh and lift your spirits, look no further than Mr. Derek Gaines. #JokeWork

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