The Unofficial Expert with Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin: a Must Listen

Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin are not light of opinions and huge laughs. The two powerhouse ladies are friends, collaborators, and hilariously badass, and I’m not sure why we’re not talking about them more often.

Their podcast, “The Unofficial Expert,” takes a unique spin on the concept of “expertise,” as Washington and Faustin sit down with “people of the culture” who claim to be experts on a variety of subjects such as “Sex in Public,” “The White Guy,” and in a recent episode, “The Subway Expert.”

The self-proclaimed subway expert is Gianmarco Soresi, a comic who regularly performs at Caroline's, the PIT, and Eastville Comedy Club. He goes through several anecdotes that depict abnormal (but let’s be real abnormal IS normal on the MTA) experiences on the NYC subway. The three also talk shop about a homeless comedian, hip hop attire, and the rules of getting your one night stand’s phone number. Washington and Faustin have amazing chemistry, always on the same page in regards to their gut reactions to their guest’s stories, and playfully poking fun at him for everything from getting off the subway while on a date to chase a celebrity, to being a white guy in a beige tank top.

What sticks out most about this podcast is the hosts’ strength in furthering the stories being told, asking the right questions and navigating the conversation in a different direction if it gets stale. The whole thing feels extremely natural, and I found myself pausing the episode to watch videos of both their stand up online, to have a better idea of who these women are and how they came to be so dope. Seriously, these ladies seem like the easiest people to talk to, and I have no doubt that that quality alone will carry them far in their careers as comics and podcasters.

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