Neko White: The Unstoppable Funny Man

Harlem native, Neko White, is no stranger to the high-profile comedy circuit. He’s been on television, online, on radio shows, in publications, on big-name New York City stages, has won competitions and awards, and released a comedy special titled Introducing Me in recent years- and he’s just getting started. Of course while his resume speaks for itself, there is nothing quite like seeing it live and in-person. After ten years of practice, there’s no question: he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Relaxed, comfortable, and self-assured, White knows he’s going to make you laugh. He alternates between slow and concise storytelling and high-energy matter-of-fact statements as he showcases his deep understanding of stand-up comedy. He undeniably knows, down to the second, how long to wait for his audience to laugh, when to fire off the next joke, how long to stay in character, when to keep a straight face, and when to chuckle at his own punch line. Coupled with his magnetic charisma, this understanding differentiates White from other comedians and entrances his audience into continuous laughter.

In an industry tainted by perverse jokes and obvious calculation, White brings the exact opposite to the stage. He establishes a light-hearted dialogue fueled by controversial social and political commentary, and reflects on his role within that rhetoric. He intellectually and hilariously approaches seemingly topical or overlooked factions of larger socio-economic issues that often reveal facts about his values, inner thoughts, and personality. White humbly manages to find the humor and silver lining in unfavorable characteristics and situations, and, frankly, it’s amazing.

Neko White has accomplished a lot in the past ten years, and, thankfully he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He is hilarious, he is unforgettable, and you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him. In addition to seeing one of his many shows, do yourself another favor– don’t try to compare the advancements in your own career to his… you may find it to be quite the heartbreaking revelation (*inner ugly cry*).

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