Run! ...Don’t Walk, to The PIT for Hey Guys! and Hey Gals! Monthly Shows

If you’re looking for a comedy show you can regularly attend, look no further than Will Abeles’ Hey Guys! and Hey Gals! monthly series at The PIT. Each show features several comedians of the same gender, and every show Stellar Underground attends does not disappoint. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending Hey Gals! with host Chanel Ali, featuring Nicole Yates, Rachel Fogletto, and a Stellar Underground alum, Marie Faustin.

Host, Chanel Ali, started off the night with high energy: animated yet casual and calculating in her delivery, she highlighted snippets from her life that illustrated how comically idiotic people can truly be. From mispronouncing her name (who really thinks it’s pronounced “Channel”?) to problematic interactions with strangers, Ali introduced a night full of laughs and hilarious women.

First featured comedian, Nicole Yates, seemed timid at first – but this was a grave misassumption. Yates effortlessly yet forcefully addressed racy topics and showcased her brazen character development skills as she played off the audience’s energy. She delightfully juxtaposed her demeanor with the subjects of her jokes that produced shocking cackles, rather than a steady stream of half-hearted laughs.

Second featured comedian Rachel Fogletto arrived on the stage with an unmistakable air of confidence. Fogletto revealed intimate details of her life that would normally be reserved for therapy sessions, and transformed them into hysterical jokes – all with a straight face. The timing of her delivery suggested she knows she’s funny, and she knows you’re going to laugh. Fogletto won over her audience as she shared the taboo, yet completely relatable, thoughts and facts about her life.

Headliner, Marie Faustin, confidently sauntered on stage and immediately interacted with her audience as she set up the framework for a conversation. Faustin used her mastery of storytelling to showcase the ways in which she has been thriving (pronounced as a combination of thriving and living, which, yes, I now use all the time) lately, and heightened the dimension of her hilarity by calling out even the slightest of judgmental reactions from the audience. Her energy and flawless delivery only made the audience hungry for more as she closed the show with intense laughter.

While each show features new comedians each month, every production features high-caliber and seasoned comedians that will be sure to exceed your expectations. To check out the next show, stay tuned for The PIT’s monthly calendar.

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