May Wilkerson Has a New Sad Podcast and We Couldn't be Happier

One of my favorite comics to follow is May Wilkerson—a comic I initially found via Twitter, for writing things like “Excited to offer to help my mom cook with the same enthusiasm as when I offer to help a guy pay for dinner."

When I went on my daily rounds to see what funny and relatable shit she posted today, I noticed her bio changed to include her as a co-host of a new podcast, “Crazy; In Bed” with fellow comic and collaborator, Alyssa Limperis.

“Crazy; In Bed” will air its first official episode this month, but you can get a mini introduction on iTunes here. Wilkerson and Limperis are captivating, brutally honest, and hilarious right off the bat. The two seem to spit ball off one another in a theatrical way that left me already recognizing and appreciating their mastery of talking about mental illness in a deeply genuine and personal way.

The podcast will feature professionals from all walks of life, with an emphasis on people who seem like they have their shit together on the surface, but are harboring something much darker underneath. While this isn’t the first podcast to touch upon mental illness in a humorous way (“The Hilarious World of Depression,” “Mental Illness Happy Hour,” etc), Wilkerson and Limperis seem to highlight the fact that they are still very much sufferers of said illnesses, and dealing with them in real time, with listeners and each other. The two both candidly admit to their current battle with eating disorders, an important and ominous topic to tackle in a society that has glamorized these very same issues, and made body dysmorphia entirely taboo.

Bitch Media has already listed “Crazy; In Bed” as one of the “3 Podcasts Every Feminist Should Listen To in 2018” and I stand behind that endorsement wholeheartedly. May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis could be my best friends, frankly talking about the things that no one else seems to understand, and turning their most difficult private moments into a platform for communal healing. Serious snaps for you, ladies.

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