Fun-Loving, Hilarious, AND Aussie? Jason Chatfield Has it All

It’s hard to review Jason Chatfield as just a standup comedian. He’s also a voice actor and brilliant cartoonist, appearing several times in The New Yorker and currently serving as the Vice President of the National Cartoonists Society. Finally, he’s Australian, so we like him already.

I watched some of Chatfield’s sets, and couldn’t help but notice how damn likeable he is. Chatfield is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and fully engaged with the crowd. His foreigner status gives him nuanced views on life in New York City, commenting on the closet-sized space of his Manhattan apartment, and the bad timing of his move to the once “great” United States. His facial expressions and physicality are the icing on the cake for all his jokes, accentuating every bit with a cartoonish, physical reaction. He also has a tendency to throw in little one-liners at the end of his jokes, pausing as the crowd inevitably laughs at the unexpected delight.

Chatfield has already established himself in the comedy scene in Australia, having performed and produced several shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He also has a show of his own, “Stand Up Comic Strip,” on his YouTube channel, dedicated to drawing audience generated suggestions for cartoons in under 30 seconds. It seems a bit silly to call Jason Chatfield “up and coming” as he has already made a name for himself as a professional in comedic-related fields. However, I'm pretty stoked to see what kind of space he can create intersecting all his talents, perhaps creating his own niche industry and fan base. Overall, his endearing persona and obvious knack for storytelling makes him a pleasure to watch on stage, and I have no doubt I’ll be catching some of his upcoming shows. Check out his site!

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