Will Abeles Presents His Debut Comedy Album “Regrets of My Father”

Will Abeles has been performing stand-up and improv sets across the country for years. He’s been on well-known comedy tours, featured in popular publications like Time Out, is a regular performer at Broadway Comedy Club, and produces monthly comedy shows, Hey Gals! and Hey Guys! at the PIT. Although expected to release on iTunes later this month, Stellar Underground got the exclusive first listen of his latest project – his upcoming album, “Regrets of My Father.”

“Regrets of My Father” addresses a lot of hot-button-topics: from Tamagotchi rights to struggling in adulthood, Abeles takes the stories of his life and makes them relatable. He is upfront and comfortable in his awkward nerdiness and uses that to his advantage as he casually highlights excerpts from his life that make him the butt of the joke. He somehow manages to make his audience start by laughing at him, then end by making them laugh with him, as, out of nowhere, you find yourself saying, “wait… me too!”

Across his performance, Abeles focuses on an overarching theme: adulthood kind of sucks. From having multiple jobs to just plain keeping it together, he subtly creates an atmosphere of introspection with laughter as a vehicle. While he discusses the high standards set by his father, he also alludes to the high standards set by society that are, in today’s culture, nearly impossible to live by. He contrasts his childhood desire to be an adult with his current reality: struggling like the rest of us New Yorkers.

There are a lot of great things to be said about Will Abeles, but perhaps my favorite thing is that he is a realist. He lives in the present, laughs at the past, and tries not to focus too hard on the future. “Regrets of My Father” reminds his audiences that everyone is going through a struggle and it’s alright to not have everything figured out - and in today’s world, we could all use that reminder more often than we think.

Stay tuned for the full release on iTunes later this month!

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