May Wilkerson's Tweets Are Hilariously Sad

My absolute favorite thing a comedian can do is make me think about why I just laughed. This tweet is dark. It’s relatable. And it’s really fucking sad. And dark, sad, and relatable, is pretty much May Wilkerson’s entire brand. Don’t get me wrong, she will have you scrolling through her Twitter favoriting everything, and rolling on the floor laughing at her shows, but if you can see yourself in her jokes, then you too are probably a victim of some very real, very human, suffocating insecurities.

Wilkerson is a master of Twitter—She captures those personal moments we all embarrassingly experience yet never talk about with one another. Every girl I know, at least, has felt the exact same way as this tweet describes. Our tiniest insecurities, made worse by the over-sharing and hyper-editing of the digital world, have us constantly over-analyzing ourselves in ways we never thought possible. While this tweet made me laugh, it also gave me a sigh of relief. Joke or not, I was like Fuck yes, May. Me fucking too.

I too often find myself talking to other female comedians and realizing we face a lot of similar inner strife. I wonder if these issues are conducive to making laughter a perfect defense mechanism. Are we dealing with these issues once we can say we’ve laughed at them? This, of course, is a question for all comedians to ask themselves. When does writing a joke about our pain, lessen it, and when does it just mask it? Sorry for the realness, 'yall, until next time.

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