Patrick Holbert: Face of an Angel, Mouth of a Sailor

We first got wind of Patrick Holbert at the monthly Hey Guys! show produced at The PIT, but make no mistake- Holbert has been on the New York comedy scene for a while. His resume is extensive and variable, featuring segments in commercials and TV shows, hosting shows on a reoccurring basis, even performing weekly children’s variety shows - but there is something special to be said about his standup.

Despite his stock-photo appearance and his charming demeanor, Holbert is no angel. He exudes a subdued energy and his affability transforms his set into more of an easy conversation – a conversation filled with risky and controversial punchlines. His relaxed attitude on stage juxtaposes his contentious subject matter, making his set even more captivating and hysterical.

Holbert’s honest approach to observational humor amplifies the shock value of his jokes. He often pokes fun at himself and the interactions in his daily life, nonchalantly confronting controversial topics like school shooters, misogyny, and kids just being generally awful. He’s also a pro at mocking traditional stereotypes and on-the-fly character development, creating a fulfilling, diverse collection of jokes in each set. Often a topic of conversation, Holbert pokes fun at his sobriety and reassures his audience that he does, in fact, have fun. His ability to make light of serious subjects translates to one of those warm, comforting hugs after a traumatizing experience and serves as a reminder that sometimes it’s important to laugh to keep from crying.

In a world going through SOME THANGS, Holbert’s comedy can soothe all of our souls. The next time you find yourself feeling compelled to get into a heated political discussion on the Facebook, or shove what seems to be the slowest pedestrian of all time, look up some of Holbert’s material, and you’ll suddenly find yourself laughing at your own pain instead of enabling it. Thank you, Patrick Holbert, for reminding us all that life kind of sucks sometimes – but laughing usually makes it better.

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