Mark Normand Makes Controversial Sound Lighthearted on his Twitter

Mark Normand’s Twitter is the perfect showcase of his dry observational humor, his knack for topical commentary, and his innermost anxieties.

This week, he graced us with a Halloween special: “I just walked past a strip club with Halloween decorations. If you wanna scare people at a strip club just put pics of the girls' kids.” AKA his, and frankly all of our, acknowledgment that Halloween has become more of a skin show than a showcase of our costume creativity and love for spookiness.

Normand has always had an affinity for commenting on current events in the simplest way, whilst making statements much bigger than allowed in 140 characters or less. This tweet was relatively lighthearted compared to his shorter jabs on more controversial topics such as race, and Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations.

“I really like carrots but can't stand carrot cake. It's pretty much the same way I feel about black people and wiggers.”“Who do you think destroyed more plants, Harvey Weinstein or Hurricane Harvey?” Last week he tweeted, Normand is not afraid to push boundaries, and in-evidently piss some people off. His charm, however, is his innocent demeanor and genuine friendliness, which reminds us (hopefully) that the jokes are in good fun!

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