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Samuel Morrison will command your attention and make you laugh from the very beginning of his set to the very last second. He is loud, strong, assertive, and incredibly (and shamelessly) gay. This past Sunday, Morrison performed at a relatively new, hidden venue, Caveat, in a show titled, Smart-Alec Stand-Up Festival: Round 1. Comedy Mob picked eleven up-and-coming comedians for the first round of the show, and of all the comedians, Morrison defined himself apart from the rest.

Across his performances, both at Caveat and other venues, Morrison makes it clear: he’s gay. He discusses the ways in which he interacts with the heteronormative world around him while also revealing characteristics about himself that might make the squeamish folks in the audience cringe (come on, guys, get it together). From revealing his brazen promiscuity to his plans for the future, Morrison will make you laugh, either by way of shock or by way of shocking relatability. Admittedly oblivious to straight-people-culture, his commentary on how his flamboyance contrasts with the traditional ideas of masculinity will make you laugh even harder.

On stage, Morrison is comfortable with making his audience uncomfortable. He is animated, speaks quickly, and relentlessly delivers joke-after-joke, each with increasing intensity and outrage. It’s actually amazing. He grabs your attention and makes you want more. By and large, his transitions are smooth, creating a conversation with his audience rather than a fragmented performance. He dances, he yells, and he z-snaps, and frankly, I can’t get enough.

In addition to performing stand-up, Samuel Morrison is an actor, videographer, and hosts an interactive, monthly show at Broadway Comedy Club. He is also currently working on debuting his one-man-stand-up-show called “Unspecific Faggotry: A Sexual Autobiography.” According to his website, He’s got a full calendar of shows, and I, for one, can’t wait to get to the next one.

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