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Lev Fer is a 20-going-on-35 year old comic who is proving his tenacity in the NYC comedy crowd. His podcast “Complicated with Lev Fer” shows off his humbled and confident voice while providing listeners with insightful conversations with other rising and established comedians, including one of my favorites, Mark Normand. His latest episode acted as a quick catch up with his fans, as he updated them about his latest projects, his newly found motivation, and the advice he’s gotten from his favorite comedians and mentors.

His last interview episode was from September, with comedian, Mike Cannon, whose debut comedy album “I Think It Just Kicked In” released in September and debuted #1 on the iTunes comedy charts. The two got together and talked like old friends—Fer great at keeping conversation moving forward, and charming his guests with his knowledge of their jokes.

I found the most genuine part of their conversation to be about their similar upbringings—Growing up in repressed households with European parents. They both wish they got to know their fathers better, and Cannon admits his surprise when he found out at a later age, the history of mental illness in his family. They joke about their mutual fear of becoming schizophrenic, Cannon bragging that his older age makes him safe from the illness.

Tune into this episode to hear more about Lev Fer and Mike Cannon’s favorite kinds of club rooms, their opinions on barking (spoiler alert: it’s unnecessary), and why moving up in comedy is just like a good poker game. Our only suggestion? Interview more women, Lev! :-)

Check out Complicated with Lev Fer (also on iTunes) for more!

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