Tori Piskin: The One-of-a-Kind, Perfect Haired, New York City Angel

Tori Piskin is one of those people you want to hate for being so talented and funny and cute, but you can’t because she’s kind and hard-working and really, really hysterical. She’s a writer, video editor, actress, and comedian, and she does it all to perfection, with flawless curly hair that I would literally kill a small child for.

If you haven’t seen her on a stage doing stand up, then maybe you’ve seen her from that one time on Wild N’ Out, or being a Deva Curl Ambassador, or in Glamour, or on YouTube in one of many of her short, parody videos. Piskin’s got a lot of things in the works, but one thing is certain- her unique humor shines through every facet of her work.

Her jokes are a light-hearted type of self-deprecation (who knew that could be a thing?), drawing attention to the things you immediately notice about her as she uses her youthful Annie look to her advantage. She also pokes fun at her dyslexia and Lyme disease diagnosis, reminding her audiences to never take themselves too seriously.

On stage, Piskin’s timing is impeccable, as if she’s precisely calculated how long her audience is going to laugh before she continues with her next line. She’s relaxed and nonchalant in her delivery making everything she says amplified with funny.

Off stage, in her videos, she’s a master at parody and showcases her talents as an actress. She’s fearless as she traverses the streets and subways of New York City in costume and engages innocent bystanders in her routines, staying in character under the most insanely hilarious circumstances.

Do yourself a favor and find her on a stage, on the street, in a video, or in your dreams (because she’s basically an angel) as soon as possible. In order to avoid total self-loathing, just be sure to remind yourself of one thing: there is only one Tori Piskin.

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