Calling Bullshit on This Week's Headlines

1. NFL Players kneeling during the National Anthem:

BS: Don’t bring Politics into Sports.

REALITY: Between 2011 and 2015 the Department of Defense and the National Guard paid the NFL to bring players out for the National Anthem to boost Military Recruitment. Politics injected itself into sports.

2. Sending aid to Puerto Rico and lifting the Jones Act to allow foreign vessels/crews to provide supplies:

BS: A lot of Shippers don’t want the Jones Act lifted

REALITY: American Shippers won’t make all of the profit because they won’t have a monopoly, and money is more important to them than human lives and compassion.

3. Tax cuts for the Wealthy

BS: When rich people keep more of their money, it trickles down to middle and lower class and the economy becomes better for everyone.

REALITY: When rich people keep more of their money, they keep more of their money. That’s how they got rich.

4. Twitter extending its character limit

BS: This allows folks to fully flesh out their thoughts, and engage in longer dialogues.

REALITY: We're gonna wave this shiny new feature in front of you so we don’t have to address the actual problems with our platform!!

5. The threat of North Korea

BS: Trump is strong, he can handle “Rocket-Man”.

REALITY: Two indulged, insecure, mentally-ill men, equipped with nuclear weapons and fragile egos, are engaged in an escalating war of words. Neither of them have a thick skin or a diplomatic mind. Our only hope is that the more stable people around them keep language their weapon of choice.

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