Sydnee Washington is Truly Every Woman

New York based comic, Sydnee Washington, is establishing herself as an experienced and thoroughly seasoned comedian. She's been featured on productions like The Blaze & Alex Show, Little Banks on Wall Street, and All Jokes Aside: Black Women in Comedy by VH1 Presents. She also hosts a no-less-than-once-a-month show on the Lower East Side called The Warm Up in addition to a podcast called The Unofficial Expert which are both co-hosted with pal and fellow comic, Marie Faustin. Most recently featured in Paste Magazine and at the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Washington clearly showcases the reason she's been so busy lately: She's hysterical.

She is charismatic and unflinching. She will take you through the shameless (yet slightly embarrassing) journey that is her life in a casual tone while you cry actual tears from laughter. Washington chronicles these seemingly innocuous events peppered with acute observations that would ordinarily send off red flag alerts and bells for the average layperson - but not her. She lives a dangerously hilarious life and seems to ride out her situations for as long as possible just to see where they go, even if that means seeing an 85-year-old man’s penis. (Which is even funnier when you find out she's a lesbian.)

Washington is also extraordinarily relatable, promoting her love of Netflix and Chill’ing, taking to Twitter to vent her irrational frustrations, recklessly spending what little money she does have (sidebar: anyone who claims to not be broke in NYC is definitely lying), suppressing her rage because she’s at work, and using her looks to get what she wants. She takes the story of us all and amplifies it, unrelentingly delivering back-to-back punch lines.

Thankfully, Sydnee Washington is a resident comic at The Pit. In fact, we recently had the opportunity to see her perform there at a monthly show called Hey Gals! which features some of the best up and coming female comics in New York City. Washington has new episodes of her aforementioned podcast every Friday, so if you somehow haven’t heard of her, now is your chance. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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