Alvin Irby is a Class Act

One thing that immediately stands out about Alvin Irby is that he’s a natural. His comfort on stage is evident as he humorously spews out topic after topic, charming the audience with relatable content that inspires bouts of consistent laughter throughout his set. He’s got a voice that is both endearing and nostalgic- unwittingly reminding you of being a kid again at home watching Saturday morning cartoons. This animation-style voice works highly in his favor and amps up his delivery while heightening his punchlines. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas- Irby is by no means unacclimated to living life in New York City and sitting through one of his sets will quickly reveal that.

I first saw Irby perform at Gotham Comedy Club. He got on stage flashing a bubbly smile and immediately engaged the audience with his classic opener “I’m from one of America’s most dangerous cities” which as funny as it may seem- it’s actually true. Little Rock is in the top 10 of America’s most dangerous cities which, at the time, I laughed because I thought he was merely joking (I think we were all under that same impression) I mean c’mon… Little Rock, Arkansas? Dangerous? Well- I went and did some research later on and stood corrected. Throughout Irby’s material are smidgens of learning opportunities like this which I think he intentionally and intelligently does. Though, I’m not 100% sure he can help it- after all, he is more than just a comedian, he’s also a teacher. No, literally. Irby holds a Masters in Education and a Masters of Public Administration. In addition to performing at comedy clubs and colleges throughout the United States, Irby has also taught grades K, 1, and 4 in independent, district, and charter schools in New York City as well as served as Education Director at the Boys Club of New York. So it makes sense that I walked away learning a new statistic as well as a new word: Stalactite. Nice.

Comedian, Educator, Public Speaker, and Author (yes, you read that correctly- he’s a busy man), Alvin Irby is steadily making an impact wherever he goes. I look forward to watching his career blossom. In the meantime, you can catch him at the upcoming Harlem Comedy Festival on Tuesday, September 26th at 7pm and to see what else this Jack-of-all-trades has going on... click HERE.

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