Marina Franklin Talks to Michael Che and Wade Davis on her Podcast, FriendsLikeUs

When hilariously dope comedian, Marina Franklin, isn’t doing shows around the city, making guest appearances on HBO’s Crashing, or performing her stand up on late night television, she’s interviewing equally hilarious and dope comedians of color on her podcast, FriendsLikeUs. Last week was an especially engaging and topical episode, with SNL “Weekend Update” host, Michael Che, and former NFL player and LGBTQ activist, Wade Davis, on to speak about race, feminism, and why Franklin typically doesn’t have men on her show as guests (but why it’s important to).

Wade Davis opens up the episode talking about his decision to move to NYC to be openly gay, and drops some #wisdom on why all men should be feminists. Michael Che walks in right at this moment—”This feminism shit again!?”—And the conversation takes a funny turn. Soon the three find themselves talking about “dike booty” (what a man once told Franklin she had) and Venus and Serena as feminist (and booty) icons.

Without revealing too much, I highly suggest listening to this episode if you're interested in listening to these three drop their guards to discuss a variety of hot topics —Franklin admits that she can’t date bi-sexual men, after sleeping with a man who later admitted to being bi, to which Davis makes her elaborate and reflect on why, and how trust plays a role in that perspective. It almost becomes a Davis against Che/Franklin debate, with Davis challenging the two on their expectations of LGBTQ folks to divulge their sexuality right off the bat, without having those same expectations of straight people. The conversation remains light-hearted and informational, and the three use personal experiences to comically engage with the otherwise serious topic.

“You shouldn’t date a bisexual guy...

You gotta compete against the whole world!”

- Michael Che

Davis provides us with some really insightful perspectives on the fluidity of sexuality and why he doesn’t date people who like sports (because he can’t learn anything new from them). Che shares his opinions on sports figures like Colin Kaepernick and Floyd Mayweather, and how he would react if his girlfriend left him for objectively hot-to-both-genders, Idris Elba, and what he believes is the common factor in all great comedians and fighters. I personally think their discussion of The Rock—whether or not he identifies as a person of color—is the most interesting part of the episode.

Check out the episode for yourself HERE

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