Eddie Gámez Speaks the Truth, Whether You Like It or Not

The gals of Stellar Underground took a field trip to Gotham Comedy Club last week for Comedians on the loose, hosted by Sonja Savanovic. Headlined by Jocelyn Chia, nine comedians performed, all undoubtedly hilarious. One particular comic, Eddie Gámez, “the denim cowboy” of the night, gave me exactly what I came for: morbid, dark humor.

A review of his work indicates he’s an expert in dark humor. If you can handle awful truths and jokes about anorexia, rape, AIDS, self harm, cancer, and the loneliness of being single in New York, you’re going to love him.

Gámez has this quiet and calm demeanor on stage as he reveals true things about himself and the terrible things we’re all thinking. Perhaps my favorite thing about him, however, is that he seems to be the person I can never admit that I, at my core, actually am. He is the kind of person who turns off Amber Alerts because “that’s not my problem;” the kind of person who has a very low tolerance for children on their social media feeds (come on, please stop); the kind of person who thinks Facebook’s “marked as safe” feature is only used by people with an undeserved sense of confidence; and the kind of person who lives for seeing their date they just met go into “blackout mode.”

Frequently featured at Gotham Comedy Club, Gámez is definitely worth the trip. I know I’ll be back, looking to hear more about his cat, Victoria Beckham, and more details about his skinny-girl-cancer-patient diet. Eddie Gámez, if you’re reading this, do me a favor: please continue to spread the brutally honest truth.

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